Benefits to parents - EDUvelopment


Benefits To Parents

The one stop site to access all needed information for:

  • Subject choices
  • Place of study choice
  • Career choice
  • Registration information
  • Bursary information

Assists you in managing your child’s:

  • Subject choices
  • Place of study choice
  • and what qualification to study for

Create space to get your child to have a focused future planning conversation.

Offer you insight into your child’s potential, dreams and development areas.

Have a purpose driven child, that works towards a goal

Benefit from your child’s newly developed skills.

Narrow your choices.

Get access to virtual visits to SA’s leading tertiary educational institutions. Save time and money on expensive trips and only attend the open days of your top three institutions.

EDUvelopment takes away the last minute decision rush that leads to bad outcomes.

EDUvelopment transforms your child into a citizen of the world that can make a long-term positive impact in

  • Their own lives
  • In society
  • and to the planet

Empower Your Child

Let us help you bring purpose and meaning to your child’s future career planning. We offer a unique and personal experience that will ensure your child makes the right decisions.