Benefits to your school - EDUvelopment


Benefits to your school

EDUvelopment is the perfect tool for high schools and supports your school’s current life orientation programme. Help your learners make better informed career decisions.

Making children purpose driven students.

Assisting LO Teacher and school psychologist with insight into test and measurement outcomes.

Dedicated psychologists to service schools and liaise with life-orientation teachers.

Timely intervention in learner's lives in times of crisis.

Benefit from the soft-skills program that will teach learner's skills outside your curriculum and budget.

The State of Career Guidance in Schools

EDUvelopment is the perfect solution for schools that are under-resourced in time and money to cater for each individual learner’s future career choice and selection of tertiary education.

EDUvelopment ads real value to schools who want to ensure their learners understand their own potential, natural talent and help them achieve their dreams by providing them with the necessary assessments, information, and guidance, yet lessening the load on the LO teacher.

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Help your learners become purpose-driven learners. Learners that are evaluated, upskilled and prepared for a life after school.