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Future Path Vision

“Clarity of vision is the key to achieving your objectives.” Tom Steyer

Do you have a vision of your child’s future? Where do you see them one day? Help your child create a clear future vision through EDUvelopment’s annual assessments. This is done through a variety of tests to gain a three-sixty-degree view of their real interests and natural talents to create a picture of their future workplace and life.

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Age/grade based annual assessments

Based on your child's grade, the following assessments are completed. Assessments are changed over time as new ones are assessed and approved

EQ Assessment
Mind Dynamix Profile
EQ Assessment

Why your child should be assessed, Dr. M Laas explains

Help your child to make the correct subject choices and career decisions through completing our OCPI Assessment.

Benefits Of Using Assessments

Even after choosing an academic field, many learners still find themselves at a crossroads as to what they want to do with their lives.

The urgency and stress of figuring out their TRUE CALLING in life, only multiplies as subject choices in grade 9 and campus placements in grades 11 and 12 start approaching.

Along their journey, learners will complete a number of assessments that will help them identify the following:

Assessment test that can help them discover their passion and interests, some of which they may not be aware of prior to taking the test. Once they have their results it will help them make more informed decisions.

The assessments can help them identify the traits they possess, which in turn will help not just in their future profession, but in their personal life as well.

Employers are interested in knowing what they can offer them as an employee that will benefit them as a business or create some sort of a value for them.

Having zero work experience, they may not be aware of what skills they possess that might attract the recruiters during campus placements. Taking a skills assessment test will help them gain insights into this aspect of themselves. Once they know what they are good at, it becomes easier to convince the recruiters of their worth.

There are certain assessment tests that are specially designed for helping the assessment taker realise the values that hold the most importance to them. In other words, these assessments help in defining what motivates them and what is important to them. Values are unique to every individual; these assessments may identify their values that can come in very handy when it comes to making career choices.

As first-time job seekers, they may also find themselves in a dilemma as to what career would be the best choice for them.

Taking various assessments will reveal several professions that could be good options based on their personality traits, skills, values, passion, and interests.

If it is their first-time seeking employment, it is possible that they will find that there is a gap between the required skills that the industry wants in a candidate and what they can offer. Therefore, it is important that they are aware of their capabilities and can work on development areas by taking an assessment.

It will help in applying for courses that are best suited for them and assist them in being more successful.

The next step is to determine your child’s Career Development Plan through assessments.

On this journey we will ask your child several questions. Like for instance whether they have taken the time to document their long and short-term goals, new areas of interest, and areas of further development or study. Or, if they have written down their strengths and weaknesses.

Assessments will assist your child in answering the above questions, to structure their goals and help them create a clear Career Development Plan.

What Are The Benefits Of A Career Development Plan?

Creating a Career Development Plan will put the power back in their own hands. It will give them the focus that is required to be purpose driven and to follow through.

They have a plan, steps, and processes to reach their desired goal.

Stick to it!

They will know and understand their strengths and weaknesses inside out.
They will be able to decide on meaningful goals and set realistic targets to meet them.
They will know what they want to accomplish, and how far they have already come.
They will find themselves going to school, college, or university each day with a sense of purpose and increased motivation.
They will be able to confidently prepare for assessments.
Creating and maintaining a Career Development Plan will place them on their path to success.

Whether or not we like to admit it, we all have an idea of how well or how poorly we are at doing certain things. Doing an assessment will shed light on your weaknesses. The Career Counsellor will guide you in this and help you to better understand your weaknesses and how to overcome them.

Socrates said, the unexamined life is not worth living. I say that the unplanned career is not worth having.

In the little book “The Go-Giver”, Bob Burg presents three universal reasons why we work: survive, save, serve.

Survival and saving have to do with meeting our basic needs and having some time and money left over to enjoy life.

Service has to do with making a meaningful contribution to the world around us. Most people get stuck on the first two stages, but never figure out a way to reach a place of purpose in their work.

If we don’t develop the habit of establishing and achieving clear goals, we miss out on the opportunity to steer our careers along a path of significance.

Get started with your child’s Career Development Plan