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Does your child know where to start their search when choosing where to study? What courses are available? What are the enrolment requirements and does the institution provide accommodation?

EDUvelopment gives you all these answers and more! Through accessing our incredibly comprehensive video library of South Africa’s leading public and private tertiary institutions, you and your child will be able to learn about available faculties, courses, enrolment requirements, bursaries and tuition fees. View campus tours and interviews with faculty heads, students and alumni; all from the comfort of your home.

Watch the video below to see why EDUvelopment’s Career Guidance helps your child to make informed decisions from subject choices right through to study and career options

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Give your child an in-depth look at South Africa’s tertiary institutions, available bursaries as well as handy tools for informed subject and course selections.

Does your child have a good understanding of what their desired future career really entails? Tap into our vast catalogue of videos specifically focused on the “Day in the life of…” for your child to research and get a realistic idea of certain careers really entail, and to see what resonates with them.


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