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EDUvelopment Curriculum

What is EDUvelopment's rationale behind the design of our curriculum?

School systems teach learners book knowledge on mostly similar subject matter internationally, but do not amply prepare them for the skills needed to survive and excel in the real world.

EDUvelopment designed a curriculum and built a learning platform that addresses this gap in the Grade 8 to Grade 12 (K8 to K12) groups. EDUvelopment does not teach school subjects nor duplicate school curricula but teaches learners real-life skills that schools do not teach (but should).

There is no similar comprehensive high school focused program anywhere else in the world.

How does it work?

The learning path is self-driven and the lessons are designed to take up an hour a week, wherein two modules are presented, for 36 weeks per year. This leaves time for exam prep, exams and holidays.
The ideal pathway is 5 years, although it is possible to join later at any stage.

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EDUvelopment develops learners to be ready for the workplace of the future and the subjects are tightly aligned and based on the future skills needs as per the World Economic Forum’s report on workplace skills needed for success in Industry 4.0, which is upon us.

On 28 June 2021 McKinsey & Company published a report highlighting a research study by McKinsey Global Institute which explores the future of work in detail.

In that report they highlight 56 foundational skills associated with a higher likelihood of employment, higher incomes and job satisfaction in the future world of work.
They used the terms DELTAs (Distinct Elements of talent) rather than skills, because they were a mix of skills and attitudes.

EDUvelopment refers to them as “hard” and “soft” skills.
We demonstrate many of these DELTAs in our current skills program.

Reference: World Economic Report & McKinsey and Company (June 2021), McKinsey: These are the skills you will need for your future of work. 

Skills development areas covered by EDUvelopment

This is a broad outline of the skills development areas covered by EDUvelopment.
Our total curriculum consists of 360 modules, each made up of about 5 topics and 5 tasks, aligned with the grade of learners.
If a school or area has a specific need for modules, we will develop it. 

Each of the above areas is broken into specific lessons and here is an example of the breakdown of the modules in the Critical Thinking and Crafting An Inspiring Vision development space.

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From the above it is easy to see that the skills development program is detailed, and unmatched by anything in the world.