Grade 10 - EDUvelopment


Ages 15 – 16: More of Me

In this age bracket we will develop learners in the following areas:

This is the middle year of high school and learners are possibly beginning to dream of who they will become one day.

Included in this module, is a fun and somewhat unconventional assessment called a Mind Dynamix Profile, which will show learners how, through their behaviour, they can become much, much more than they ever thought possible. The knowledge of one’s Mind Dynamix Profile will also expose learners to new styles of studying, where the learner is the captain of their study success.

Everything in life is interconnected through systems and one’s behaviour impacts on others. With the recent pandemic, we have observed that the ability to be flexible and adapt is critical to coping as an emerging adult.

Communicating accurately is vital as we move to an era where mobile devices become our main form of communication. A bad message can impact on how others perceive you. On the upside technology means that every text, every presentation and every picture that one sends has the ability to demonstrate one’s flair and talent in written and oral communication.

You have probably already experienced that personal strength comes from one’s agility, and this module teaches Agile Project Management, which learners can one day hopefully gain a qualification in on this program.

Again we feel that learning cannot only be about oneself and so we have also included modules on business, being an entrepreneur and first aid. We take the concept of interconnectedness and systems thinking into your environment where one will learn about biodiversity, and ecology in South Africa.

In this age bracket we will develop learners in the following areas:

Learning TopicLearning Outcomes
LeadershipHow do I present myself in a variety of media?
Lifelong learning and thinking skillsA deep dive into reading and study skills and how they link to your innate Mind Dynamix Profile.
Systems thinking.
Critical thinking and analytical thinking skills.
Emotional IntelligenceUnderstanding your emotions.
Project ManagementAgile Project Management ( with the view to a qualification)
Communication SkillsSteps and activities to improve written and oral communication.
Conflict resolution.
How Business OperatesHow companies work.
How finance works in a business.
Being an EntrepreneurStrategy and Operations.
Marketing management.
Health and SafetyPotential First Aid Qualification.
How to handle narcotics.
Environment, The Big IssuesBiodiversity.
Waste management and the green economy.
Green citizenship.
Wildlife and ecotourismAn introduction to African ecology

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