Grade 11 - EDUvelopment


Ages 16 – 17: Multifaceted Me

In this age bracket we will develop learners in the following areas:

The end of one’s school career is closer now. Most people will be asking: So what are you going to do once you finish school?

This module is aimed at helping learners focus on just that. The learner’s career strengths will be highlighted in an Ecometrics career assessment. But one’s future career is not the only focus this year.

We will also do an in depth analysis of the multifaceted aspects of a learner’s life so that they can create a life vision of their personal purpose and strategy in 12 aspects of their life. These include goals for health and fitness, your financial status, your life partner and the quality of life that the learner may dream of. Choosing a career impacts on fulfilling other dreams that learners will have.

During these last few years of the learner’s EDUvelopment program they will have to start synthesising their ideas into a whole. We explore the learner’s many opinions on society, and their view of the world based on topics such as inequality, identity, consumerism, and the role of world institutions, such as WHO, the UN and so on.

Learners can now see that to become the ideal person they hope to be, will include planning, and one should view oneself as a valuable project. While on projects – we intend to expand the learner’s knowledge on project management, by introducing the PMBOK project management tools.

Learning TopicLearning Outcomes
LeadershipMultifaceted Me – The creation of my life vision.
Lifelong learning and thinking skillsSystems thinking.
Critical thinking and analytical thinking skills.
Emotional IntelligenceDivergent and convergent thinking.
Synthesis to a whole.
Project ManagementPMBOK ( with the view to a qualification).
Communication SkillsSteps and activities to improve written and oral communication.
Conflict and negotiation skills.
Social InteractionsQuestioning our view on the work with a variety of topics.
How Business OperatesHow Sales and Marketing works.
MoneyPersonal Finance
Being an EntrepreneurStrategy and Operations.
Marketing management.
Health and SafetyFire Fighting Qualification (maybe)
Risk Management
Environment, The Big IssuesLand degradation.
Air pollution
Wildlife and ecotourismAn introduction to animal behaviour.

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