Grade 12 - EDUvelopment


Ages 17 – 18: Masterly Me

In this age bracket we will develop learners in the following areas:

One’s achievement in grade 11 will impact on where you will be able to study, should you so wish. Learners will understand the maze of technicalities in applying for and funding post school tertiary education.

Hopefully by now learners would have reached a high level of emotional intelligence, but they will be adopting a new role in society next year, and that will bring new levels of emotional intelligence that they will have to deal with.

Leaving school also means presenting oneself confidently, honestly and objectively and our communications modules look at preparing learners for the World of Work or tertiary education. We will show learners how to apply for studies, jobs, write proposals, and even do special occasion presentations when they go for that dream interview.

This year we take an even deeper dive into the business value chain, the importance of creating personal wealth at a young age, and how to be an entrepreneur if you wish.

The World of Work changes daily. As a new employee one needs to understand the context of Industry 4.0 and the GIG economy, where collaboration is a prized skill. The pace is changing fast, and one needs to be agile enough to cope.

Learning TopicLearning Outcomes
LeadershipIns and outs of tertiary education.
Emotional IntelligenceMy emotions and society.
My responsibility to society.
Project ManagementPRINCE 2 (with the view to a qualification).
Communication SkillsWith the emphasis on the World of Work.
Social InteractionsQuestioning your view on the work with a variety of topics.
How Business OperatesInformation Management
Businesses of the future
MoneyPersonal finance and the importance of personal wealth
Being an EntrepreneurStrategy and Operations.
Marketing management.
Health and SafetyHazardous substances
Environment, The Big IssuesWater
Wildlife and ecotourismConservation
The future world of workWorking in a global economy.

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