Grade 8 - EDUvelopment


Ages 13 – 14: Managing Me

EDUvelopment understands that learners are busy, therefore we’ve designed our skills development programme to fit in with their unique schedule.

During your child’s EDUvelopment journey, they can select when to complete their 36 weeks of core short modules that will engage them for 1 notional hour per week. This doesn’t have to be completed in one sitting, learners can complete their modules at their own pace and convenience, doing bits at a time. In this way learners can manage their schedules and not be distracted during busy times in the year.

In addition to core modules, there is a variety of optional enrichment modules that learners can also complete if they are interested and time allows.

In this age bracket we will develop learners in the following areas:

Learning TopicLearning Outcomes
Leadership DevelopmentManaging myself
Lifelong learning and thinking skillsWhat is your innate thinking and learning style?
How does this impact on your behaviour?
Emotional IntelligenceMy role in my family.
How to cope with stress and bullies.
Finding resilience and resolution when I need support.
Project ManagementEmpowering teens with an introduction to basic project management.
Communication SkillsHow do I really communicate with the people around me, and how can I present myself better?
Being an EntrepreneurStarting a business means starting small and thinking big. This module is aimed at sparking ideas into dreams for planning a future reality.
Environment, The Big IssuesIt is today’s youth that will rescue the planet out of crisis. This module exposes learners to the variety of topics, particularly the UN 17 sustainable developmental goals. Learners will be able to identify their roles in this passionate topic.

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The first year of high school can be intimidating.

One goes from being a senior in primary school, to being the youngest in high school. Furthermore as a new teenager one has so many emotions and values to reassess, especially as one meets new friends and finds oneself in a new school.

In grade 8 EDUvelopment’s focus is on the learner, in order to build resilience to cope.

We look at building leadership skills through managing yourself in an intelligent way, and to unravel critical thinking skills to help learners look at their environment more critically. It’s often easier to look at the world from your own perspective, and through our emotional intelligence modules learners will realise their own personal inner strength.

Our project management module will empower learners to plan and celebrate reaching targets time and time again, all with improved communication in its variety of forms.

But lessons would not be complete if all that one learns is about oneself, so we have included ideas on entrepreneurship, as well as exposure to big environmental issues that we face in society such as the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals!

With all of this knowledge learners may even find a niche where they can start to dream about their future contribution to life.

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