Grade 9 - EDUvelopment


Ages 14 – 15: Magnificent Me

In this age bracket we will develop learners in the following areas:

Grade 9 is a big year for learners as they start to explore their own life purpose and the future contribution that they can make to society in terms of a career. Grade 9 learners also make their subject choices at the end of this year. This is why we have included a subject choice assessment, to help and guide learners on their way.

The curriculum for this module includes a personal leadership style as well as exploring multiple intelligences. Knowing this information is like finding one’s Southern Cross, or direction in life.

It is also important to understand that one’s opinion is determined by one’s own values and thinking patterns, and that understanding opinions from somebody else’s world view is empowering and bold. Of course, moving from being inwardly focused to looking outside of your locus of control can lead to some stress, therefore we have included modules on tactics for managing stress and how to recognise its signs.

Managing projects is important as one’s school curriculum and social life get more intense. Teaching to communicate well adds to our goal of placing the learner in a position of strength.

As a citizen of a global society one needs to understand how to operate in it. Learners will be exposed to how business operates, being a team leader, entrepreneurship and environmental issues such as climate change.

In this age bracket we will develop learners in the following areas:

Learning TopicLearning Outcomes
LeadershipManaging myself and being part of a team.
Lifelong learning and thinking skillsStudy Skills.
Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences.
Creative, lateral and divergent thinking skills.
Emotional IntelligenceMy emotions as a person in society.
My responsibility to society.
Managing stress.
Finding support to build resilience.
Project ManagementManaging project scope from initiation to closure.
Communication SkillsSteps and activities to improve written and oral communication.
How to really listen.
Being an EntrepreneurWhat is management versus leadership?
Environment, The Big IssuesClimate Change, its impact and how to combat it – your contribution.
Wildlife and ecotourismAn introduction to various careers.

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