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Meet Our Course Developers

  • Mickey von Maltitz
  • Development specialists

Mickey started her career as a school teacher, teaching in South African government and private schools for a period of 11 years. During this time she was recognised for introducing innovative teaching methodologies which stressed the importance for learners to explore their creativity and problem solving skills. She left the formal education environment to pursue a career as an educational consultant having developed a study skills methodology stressing accelerated reading and learning techniques. This course empowered children to take control of their own learning progress from the age of 9 years of age. The positive impact of these courses on learners created a deep sense of curiosity of the learning process, and led her to further studies, eventually obtaining a Master’s degree in Education (MEd) with a specialization in Curriculum and Instruction Design.

Her career then took a turn when she was appointed as the Academic Manager at a Business School and was instrumental in developing their MBA programme. After that she was headhunted by a global corporation as Head of Human Resource Development in Southern Africa to establish a corporate training academy, which won an international award for the upliftment of women in education. Furthermore, Mickey was appointed as a Director at the Manufacturing, Engineering and Related Sector Education Training Authority (merSETA), by the Minister of Higher Education.

Today, 35 years later, after a fulfilled career, Mickey works as an educational consultant and life coach, offering bespoke learning solutions. She is recognised as a Master HR Professional: Learning and Development at the South African Board of People Practice. More recent projects have been in association with Wits Enterprise as an assistant author on a book with the late Adrienne Bird (Deputy Director General at DHET), UK institutions, designing online learning enrichment programmes for prestigious private UK high schools, and then of course, EDUvelopment as their Pillar 3: Future Path curriculum designer. Here she brings her rich experience from a multifaceted educational environment to develop a curriculum aimed at enhancing teenagers’ life skills to empower them to become successful adults and citizens.

DR RINA DE KLERK-WEYER: Emotional Intelligence Specialist

Her passion is to really make a difference and to guide people to make choices in terms of their value system, in order to grow and fulfil their potential. This process must start at an early age and continue right through your life,

Each human is unique. To unlock the vast potential in each of us, she believes that as a trainer/coach must have integrated theory and real-life experience to be able to “walk the talk”. She needs to passionately convey knowledge via experiential learning to others. Only in doing so does one utilise the value of personal and professional leadership, to allow people of all ages, to improve their capabilities in all dimensions.

DR WILLA LOUW: Professional Development Specialist

Dr Louw wrote her PhD on Language Outcomes in a multicultural classroom. As a language specialist she has written numerous textbooks for the CAPS curriculum, and presented 13 papers on sustainable learning practices including elearning practices.

DR GRAHAM VON MALTITZ: Systems ecologist, degradation and rural development specialist.

He is NRF C2 rated principle researcher who, during the last few years at the CSIR, led the Global Change and Ecosystems Dynamics Group of the Natural Resources and Environment division. Over the past 15 years Graham has managed a number of large integrated projects dealing with complex coupled human-environmental systems, with specific focuses on tradeoffs in ecosystem services provision as a consequence of climate change, desertification and biofuels. He has broad experience in many aspect of the coupled social- environmental systems which include an understanding of climate change, renewable energy, terrestrial carbon balances, land use hydrology, environmental economics, land use planning, environmental impact assessments, land tenure and reform, social aspects of natural resource use, small scale agriculture, food security, rangeland management, desertification, restoration, sustainability of both commercial and natural forestry, community based natural resource management and the ecology of most African biomes.

He sits on a number of scientific advisory boards, among them, the United Nations Committee to Combat Desertification Science Policy Interface.

VIRNA SENNECK: Courseware Developer

Virna has many years hands on experience in facilitation and courseware and elearning development , having worked in learning and development for large corporates in South Africa. Her skills include e-learning content and assessment design, competency assessments, learning needs analysis and maintain of learning records. She also has experience in retail and understands the urgency that is often required to meet market needs. Among other qualifications she holds a National Certificate on Occupationally Directed Education and Development Practices. Most of her experience lies on the development of courseware between an NQF 2 and NQF 4, the levels typically required for a high school level. (Grade 9 is on an NQF 2 level and matric NQF 4)


Our team of contributors consists of many specialists from various disciplines and they contribute valuable course material relevant to our target group.

Our aim is to develop children, and for that we source contributors from far and wide.