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About Us

EDUvelopment offers subscribers a vast catalogue of tertiary institutions and career options

Eduvelopment is run and managed by a team of dynamic, field-specific professionals. All ten departments are lead from the front and are supported by various team members.

The measurement and assessment programs are all developed by registered psychologists, with overseers holding at least a PhD in their respective fields, and their methodology was developed in conjunction with and/or underwritten by national and international universities.

The training modules are developed by subject specific professionals, mostly holding at least a PhD or moderated by a PhD Moderator.

Lead: Media Production

Hana Burger

Lead: Graphic Design

Lettie van Zyl

Lead: Client Support


Lead: Marketing

Wihan Bester

Lead: Career Assessments

Dr. Mari Laas

Video Production

Stefan Nieuwoudt

System Support

Justin Moolman

Lead: Operations Coordination

Sharne Teague


Steven van Zyl

Lead: Curriculum Design

Mickey von Maltitz

Lead: System Development

Frans Human

Lead: Finance

Riana Muller

Lead: Sales

Alex Nava

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