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Future Path Preparation

What a difference it would’ve made if I had known that earlier? This is one of the most frequent statements parents make after enrolling their children on the EDUvelopment platform.

EDUvelopment will help your child acquire the necessary skills to get a head start with their future path preparation. The aim is to better equip your child with specific real-life skills. The type of skills you wished you had when you left school.

EDUvelopment is designed to fit into your child’s unique schedule.

EDUvelopment understands that learners are busy, therefore we’ve designed our skills development programme to fit in with their unique schedules.

During your child’s EDUvelopment journey, they can select when to complete their 36 weeks of core short modules that will engage them for 1 notional hour per week. In addition to core modules, there is a variety of optional enrichment modules that your child can also complete if time allows. In this way, your child can manage his or her schedule and not be distracted during busy times of the year.

Users can complete their lessons at their own pace and convenience and don’t have to complete modules in one sitting.

Select your child’s age group to view their unique skills development outline.

Our Skills Development Platform

Equip your child with the skills you wish you had when you left school. The type of life skills that schools don’t offer.

Here are some of the skills included:

EDUvelopment Courses

Our team of Educational Experts and Curriculum Developers continuously create engaging and age-specific curriculums that are packed full of videos, quizzes, games, case studies and facts.

Our short courses focus on the development of soft skills, address relevant topics and subjects that are not adequately addressed in school curriculums. Some of the courses span various years and will end in the preparation for a formal qualification. EDUvelopment will make recommendations based on your child’s choice of career, interest and needs, but courses are ultimately chosen by participants.

New courses are constantly developed based on feedback from schools and parents.

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