Career Assessments
& Questionnaires

By providing career and interest assessments to your learners, you can shed light on their unique qualities and characteristics. This enables learners to make informed decisions regarding their choice of subjects, studies, careers, and ultimately their future.
We continuously develop and source assessments to addresses specific needs and provide individuals with a different perspective of themselves. A wide array of further assessments are available at additional cost to individual learners, grades and schools.

Career Guidance Assessment:

Advises about career paths based on personal interests.
Included for all grades in in all packages.

Career Consideration Questionnaire (CCQ):

A fresh and modern career guidance assessment developed in-house revolving around six distinct personality types.
Included for Grade 10 in the Annual Comprehensive Package.

Mind Dynamix:

Creates a 3D profile of the brain and how we gather, process, and ultimately output information.
Included for Grade 8 in the Annual Comprehensive Package.

Online Career Planning Inventory Assessment (OCPI):

Ideal for subject and career choices. Measures work values and interests to find the highest potential focus area where an individual will experience fulfilment in a future career.
Included for Grade 9 and 11 in the Annual Comprehensive Package and for Grade 9 in the Essential Plus Package


Shadowmatch maps habits. Habits define the way we do things. It defines our relationships, our careers and the way we study and learn.
Included for Grade 12 in the Annual Comprehensive Package.

The total open market value of above assessments is more or less R 3 500 per learner.