EDUvelopment is an online platform that empowers young people to live happy and fulfilled lives by giving them the skills and guidance they need to reach their full potential.

EDUvelopment has three distinct, interdependent components which, when used together inspire and help young people to become fulfilled human beings:

Purpose, Path, Preparation


The moment an individual discovers their purpose, they find meaning in life. Find purpose through a range of assessments, worksheets and questionnaires.


Get subject & career guidance through videos and up-to-date information on occupations, study programmes, institutions, bursaries and virtual job shadowing.


Equip learners with critical skills to succeed in the workplace of the future and in life. 

Who is EDUvelopment for?

EDUvelopment is for every high school learner. The core aim of EDUvelopment is to assist adolescents in discovering their sense of meaning and purpose, enabling them to lead content and satisfied lives—one high school pupil at a time.

EDUvelopment is for each parent who desires to guide their children towards identifying the correct career path and getting ready for it.

EDUvelopment is for every high school that aspires to equip their learners with the skills that help them meet life’s challenges.

In pursuit of these objectives, we extend our program to both high schools and individual learners.

What leading educators say

Don’t only take our word for it and just rely on our own testimony.

Here’s what other educators think of EDUvelopment and how it has consistently demonstrated its role as the indispensable support for every learner’s journey to success.

About EDUvelopment and Harvard Online

Did you know? Both EDUvelopment and Harvard Online engage in content collaboration with globally acclaimed providers like Khan Academy, AMGEN, and the Harvard Brain Science Initiative.

Moreover, it’s worth noting that EDUvelopment has received approval for utilisation from the Ministry of Education, Arts, and Culture of Namibia.

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    Do you want to know more?
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