Frequently Asked Questions

EDUvelopment is an elegantly designed, online career preparation package starting at grade 8 until matric, with lifetime access to its content. With EDUvelopment, you have access to career and personality assessments, a wide range of clutter-free career guidance information in one place, and short online skills development courses to equip you for the future.
There are two ways of getting the most out of EDUvelopment.

#1 You can buy a grade-specific Career Preparation Premier Package to get full access to the whole platform and its contents. This includes a career and personality assessment, grade-specific skills courses, and full access to the Career Guidance Info Hub.

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#2 Or, explore the online shop to buy a specific assessment or skills course to suit your need, or only get access to the Career Guidance Info Hub to find relevant information.

Enjoy a programme that fits into any busy schedule and works toward creating an individual that is ready to tackle life. Complete courses in your own time with a self-driven learning path. Courses take approximately 30-minutes to an hour a week, spanning over 36 weeks leaving more than enough time to do life.

It is recommended that young people start their journey with EDUvelopment in Grade 8 and continue until the end of Grade 12; however, you can join at any age and reap the benefits.