EDUvelopment is now available in shorter term packages, making it a more affordable and flexible option for high schools.

Each EDU Term Package includes Career & Interest Assessment, access to
Career Guidance and your choice from three Skills Bundles per age group, consisting of 10 modules per bundle.
Modules can be facilitated by any teacher during LO period, fully or partially, with some tasks or modules given as homework. Some modules may also be presented in other subjects where the school finds it more applicable and supportive of the curriculum.

  • Affordable: The EDU Term Package is more affordable than the traditional EDUvelopment program because it is delivered in smaller, more manageable chunks. This makes it easier for schools to budget, and gives teachers more flexibility in how they deliver the program.
  • Flexible: The EDU Term Package can be customised to suit your school’s requirement. Based on your need, a short or longer term commitment may
    be chosen.
  •  Effective: The EDU Term Package is effective in helping students determine their purpose, get information about subject and study options and develop the skills they need to succeed in life.