EDUvelopment for schools

EDUvelopment’s purpose is to help young people find their meaning and purpose in order to live a happy and fulfilled life, one high school learner at a time.

We know that there is unimaginable potential in each high school learner waiting to be unlocked. Teachers have years of experience and spend a lot of time with learners at their most impressionable stage. Who better to inspire this generation than the individual who became an educator for this very reason?

Let us help you inspire young people and unlock their purpose towards ultimate fulfillment.

Benefits for your school

You can ensure that your learners have the help they need to make better-informed decisions for their future happiness with accurate career and personality assessments and reliable career guidance. On top of that, you can give them the opportunity to develop crucial life skills. The skills you may very well have wanted to acquire when you were at school. Allow your school to cater for each individual learner’s future with EDUvelopment.

Empower your learners to be purpose-driven
Once young people have been inspired and have a life goal to work towards, they discover purpose. Purpose-driven learners become devoted students in school. Add value to your school to ensure your learners understand their own potential and discover their life purpose.

Help your teachers
These resources are specifically designed to assist LO teachers and school psychologists with insight into test and measurement outcomes. Provide learners with the necessary assessments, information, and guidance, whilst reducing the load on your school's LO Department. 

Develop crucial life skills
Provide learners with crucial life skills outside of your curriculum through this ready-to-use resource and add tremendous value to learners’ lives. 

Help your learners to become purpose-driven, and properly prepared for a happy and fulfilled life after school.

EDUvelopment is the much-needed addition to the Life Orientation curriculum at your school.

What leading educators say

Don’t only take our word for it.

Here’s what other educators think of EDUvelopment and how it has proven to be the support that every learner needs to succeed.

Getting your school started

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