EDU Annual Packages for grade 10: MORE OF ME

In the middle of high school, learners often start dreaming about what they want to do when they leave school. More of Me focuses on the core skills that are important for creative and logical outputs.

Includes access to a variety of Assessments and Career Information Hub

 Communication Skill
✓  What is social media?
✓  How does social media work?
✓  Be social media literate
✓  Bullying, self esteem and social media
✓  Fact checking and myth busting on social media
✓  Effective Communication:
Getting the message across
✓  Formal Written Communication

 Life Skills
✓  Independence, dependence
and interdependence

 Thinking Skills
✓  How to reason & build a good argument 
✓  Developing an awareness of your competence skills stages
Facts and false facts
✓  Applying your competence skills stages
✓  That perfect infinity sign
✓  Bloom’s Taxonomy
✓  How to think like Leonardo da Vinci

 Study Skills
✓  Understand your learning
✓  What kind of learner are you?

 Study Skills
✓  Preparing for exams
✓  Memory skills
✓  Mind Mapping Part 1
✓  Mind Mapping Part 2
✓  Express yourself through creative writing
✓  Brainstorming
✓  You must move to learn
✓  Develop a sense of curiosity
✓  Balance logic and creativity
✓  The Art of Reading: Part 1
✓  The Art of Reading: Part 2
✓  The Art of Reading: Part 3

 Emotional Intelligence
✓  My personal SWOT analysis

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