EDU Annual Packages for grade 11: MULTIFACETED ME

Grade 11 is about exploring areas of life and future skills that the learners are required to be competent in, but frequently not taught.

Includes access to a variety of Assessments and Career Information Hub

 Thinking Skills
✓  Conflict resolution
✓  What makes me a critical thinker?
✓  Mindfulness: Take control of your thoughts
✓  Strategic and reflective thinking
✓  What kind of thinker are you?
✓  De Bono’s Six Thinking Hats
✓  Making better decisions to improve your future
✓  The art of making mistakes
✓  Deep and surface thinking

✓  Multifaceted Me : Your Dreamcatcher
✓  Your Dreamcatcher: Your life vision
✓  Writing a journal

 Life Skills
✓  An Ethics Game
✓  Kaizen: The process of continuous improvement
✓  Responding to basic emergencies
✓  Negotiation Skills
✓  Preparing for a Learner Driver’s Licence
✓  Basic Fire Fighting

 Project Management 
✓  An Introduction
✓  Project Initiation
✓  Planning Part 1
✓  Project Management:   Planning Part 2
✓  Project Management: Project Execution
✓  Project Management: Project Closure
✓  Writing project proposals
✓  Agile Project Management
✓  SCRUM Project Management
✓  PRINCE 2 Project Management

 The World of Work
✓  Industry 4.0  Consumerism

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