EDU Annual Packages for grade 8: MANAGING ME

In grade 8 it’s all about empowering the learner to manage themselves and discover their own emotional strengths.

Includes access to a variety of Assessments and Career Information Hub

 Emotional Intelligence
✓  Knowing and accepting myself
✓  My thoughts and beliefs
✓  Do I manage my emotions?
✓  My relationship with my mother
✓  My relationship with my father
✓  Do my emotions manage me?
✓  Resilience in dealing with setbacks
✓  Disordered eating and eating disorders
✓  Where is my locus of control?

✓  My position in my family
✓  Dealing with dangerous social situation
✓  Teen Abuse: What to do if you are a victim
✓  Decision making and problem solving
✓  Balance and priorities
✓  Self disclosure: What does it mean?
✓  Being part of a team

 Life Skills
✓  My personal health and fitness program
✓  What does it mean to be healthy?
✓  Puberty: I feel strange in my body
✓  Personal Mastery: This is me
✓  Understanding the Environment
✓  Why is it important to protect the environment?
✓  What is sustainable development?
✓  Welcome to the Anthropocene
✓  The United Nations and SDGs
✓  Future Cities
✓  Basic Income Grants
✓  Working towards a sustainable future

✓  Communication

 Thinking Skills
✓  Brainteasers and Riddles

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