Skills Development


Skills modules cover interesting, relevant topics and are presented in bit-sized videos with short assessments. 
For individual learners, the modules are completed in their own time.
For schools, modules can be facilitated by any teacher during LO period, fully or partially, with some tasks or modules given as homework. Some modules may also be presented in other subjects where the school finds it more applicable and supportive of the curriculum.


Building resilience to cope

There is a lot going on in grade 8,
but you can learn how to cope with it all!

Exploring your life's purpose

This is a crucial year in high school for
making the right decisions early on.

Dreaming of a fulfilling future

You’re halfway!
Start thinking about what the future holds…

Moving towards the end

Be equipped to make smart decisions.

The end and the beginning

Your guide to becoming an independent adult to make a positive contribution to society.

Find your way

Tap to discover your path and
unlock your BEST self!

Skills Courses Topics

We have covered critical life skills through a series of engaging modules:

Based on the Top 10 Skills for the future

Combined, the skills modules that we offer result in learning outcomes which are among the Top 10 Future Skills recommended by the World Economic Forum

Grade specific Skills

Skills are available for each specific grade, depending on which package your school chooses.
Grade 8

Managing Me

Being a new teenager means that learners have to manage themselves and find their own inner strengths. The focus is on building emotional intelligence and resilience to cope with Grade 8 and all that this phase of high schools brings to these young learners.

Grade 9

Magnificent Me

The module content evolves from the strongly self-centred focus in Grade 8 to learners exploring their own leadership style, values and thinking styles in Grade 9. They evaluate their personal skills in relation to their peers, and decide how they want to fit in a social structure. Do they want to be leaders or followers? The choice is theirs.
During this phase they also begin to dream of a potential life purpose by exploring subject choices and areas of personal interest.

Grade 10

More of Me

The focus this year is on a combination of logical and creative skills, often called left and right brain thinking. A balance of logic and creativity are vital to get ahead in any career.

We also take an in-depth look at study skills, so that learners can explore their learning dominances to maximise their potential during the second half of their high school careers.

Grade 11

Multifaceted Me

This year we celebrate the many complex skills that teenagers need as they move towards the end of their school career.
It is the time when they start to make real choices about their careers and may apply for positions at tertiary learning institutions.
When learners leave school there are many skills that are assumed, but never taught. Many of these important skills occur in this year’s modules. Skills such as project management and thinking skills open an unexpected level of competence in learners once they leave school.

Grade 12

Masterly Me

This learning track exposes learners to the practical skills that ensures they will become independent and passionate adults who will contribute to making our world a better place.  

They are also exposed to some of the lesser known skills which will set them apart from their peers when they study at a tertiary level or enter the workplace.

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Frequently Asked Questions

EDUvelopment is an elegantly designed, online career preparation package starting at grade 8 until matric, with lifetime access to its content. With EDUvelopment, you have access to career and personality assessments, a wide range of clutter-free career guidance information in one place, and short online skills development courses to equip you for the future.
There are two ways of getting the most out of EDUvelopment.

#1 You can buy a grade-specific Career Preparation Premier Package to get full access to the whole platform and its contents. This includes a career and personality assessment, grade-specific skills courses, and full access to the Career Guidance Info Hub.

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#2 Or, explore the online shop to buy a specific assessment or skills course to suit your need, or only get access to the Career Guidance Info Hub to find relevant information.

Enjoy a programme that fits into any busy schedule and works toward creating an individual that is ready to tackle life. Complete courses in your own time with a self-driven learning path. Courses take approximately 30-minutes to an hour a week, spanning over 36 weeks leaving more than enough time to do life.

It is recommended that young people start their journey with EDUvelopment in Grade 8 and continue until the end of Grade 12; however, you can join at any age and reap the benefits.

Find your way

Tap to discover your path and
unlock your BEST self!