EDUvelopment for Individual Learners

Benefits to Parents

Help your child to choose the right career path
EDUvelopment’s Career and Study Information Hub presents your child with a variety of careers by utilizing interest-based questionnaires, assessments and habit analysis.

Empower your child to be more purpose-driven
When young individuals are ignited by inspiration and possess a clear life goal to pursue, they uncover a sense of purpose. Learners who are guided by purpose not only become devoted students but also diligent and industrious workers

Improve your child's marks When your child finds a sense of purpose in their life, the rationale behind learning specific subjects and acquiring particular knowledge becomes evident. The significance of studying diligently and putting in effort becomes clear. Throughout the assessment process, your child will discover effective study methods tailored to their individual learning style. Portions of the course material are designed to cater to different types of learners, offering guidance on optimal study techniques. As your child comprehends and applies these strategies, a noticeable improvement in their academic marks is certain.

Develop crucial life skills
Equip your child with indispensable life skills that extend beyond conventional classroom education, imparting remarkable value to their lives. These are the very skills you might have wished to gain during your own school years. Empower your educational institution to address the unique future of each learner through the avenue of EDUvelopment.

  1. Deeper Self-Understanding for Your Child: This program offers a wonderful opportunity for your child to truly understand themselves – their passions, strengths, and what makes them unique. It's like a journey of self-discovery that can empower them for life.

  2. Guidance in Finding Their Role in Society: As a parent, you want your child to find their place in the world. This program helps them explore their interests and talents, guiding them towards a path where they can contribute meaningfully to society.

  3. Ensuring the Right Personality-Workplace Match: It's natural to worry about your child's future career satisfaction. This program assists them in understanding what type of work environment and job roles align with their personality and strengths, setting them up for success and happiness.

  4. Enhanced Interpersonal Skills and Relationships: We all know how crucial interpersonal skills are in life. Through this program, your child not only discovers themselves but also gains insights into understanding others. This can lead to better communication, empathy, and healthier relationships overall.

  5. Boosting Emotional Intelligence: As parents, we want our children to navigate life's challenges with resilience and empathy. This program doesn't just focus on career aspects – it also helps them develop emotional intelligence, enabling them to handle situations with maturity and compassion.

In essence, this program goes beyond just career planning. It's an incredible opportunity for your child's personal growth and development, equipping them with the tools they need to lead a fulfilling and meaningful life.

Benefits to Learners

Know which career and future is best for you
Do you know which things you really enjoy doing and are curious about? Well, there are questionnaires and assessments that can help uncover what you're truly interested in. Also, your habits and the way you naturally do things can give clues. This special program uses all this information to find careers that match your interests and strengths. Once this program does its magic, there's a place called the Career and Study Information Hub that comes into play. It's like a treasure chest of different jobs and paths you can take. It shows you all sorts of cool professions and ways to learn about them. This helps you plan your future in a smart way that lines up with what you want to do. So, it's like a roadmap to create the future you dream about.

Be more purpose-driven
Once you are inspired and have a life goal to work towards, you will discover purpose. Understand your own potential and discover your life purpose.

Increase your marks
As a result of our assessments, you get a personalised optimised study method analysis. When you apply this while studying, your marks are bound to improve.

Develop crucial life skills
Learn crucial life skills outside of the normal curriculum that will help you become purpose-driven, and properly prepared for a happy and fulfilled life during and after school.

Understand yourself better
The program helps you learn more about yourself – what you like, what you're good at, and what truly makes you tick. It's like discovering your own superpowers and understanding what makes you unique.

  1. Know Your Role in Society: 

    Exploring your interests and strengths through this program can give you a better understanding of where you might fit in the bigger picture of the world. It's like finding your place in society, where you can contribute and make a difference.

  2. Understand Your Best Personality and Workplace Fit: 

    Ever wondered what kind of job or work environment would suit you best? This program can guide you in discovering that. It's like having a compass that points you towards the kind of job that matches your personality perfectly.

  3. Improve Interpersonal Relationships: 

    Understanding yourself deeply can also help you understand others better. You'll start noticing why people behave the way they do, and this understanding can lead to stronger and more positive relationships with friends, family, and colleagues.

  4. Improve Your Emotional Intelligence: 

    Emotional intelligence is about understanding and managing your emotions effectively. Through this program, you'll not only learn about your interests but also gain insights into how your emotions work. This can help you handle challenging situations with confidence and empathy.

Remember, this program isn't just about jobs and careers. It's about discovering who you are, where you belong, and how you can make the most out of your life while contributing positively to the world around you.

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